[Bioperl-l] get_Stream_by_gi: Memory going up every call.

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Tue Oct 30 04:51:40 EDT 2007

This doesn't seem to work. It still keeps using more memory. I already tried it once and didn't seem to make a difference. But gave it another try. But as I said, it doesn't solve the problem.

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It may be based on the mode (set by -retrievaltype) in which the  
sequences are being retrieved and parsed.  The Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI  
module has the documentation for this parameter.  If you are making  
tons of calls to get_Seq*/get_Stream* methods it may lead to  
substantial increases in memory until the child processes finish up  
parsing each data stream.

You can possibly add in a wait() in between sequence retrieval calls,  
or try setting the Bio::DB::GenBank instance to 'tempfile' or  
'io_string' (the former always worked faster for me):

$self->{gb} = Bio::DB::GenBank->new(-retrievaltype => 'tempfile');


On Oct 26, 2007, at 7:42 AM, Jelle86 wrote:

> Ok I stripped a lot. And this is causing the problem:
> use Bio::DB::Genbank;
> sub new(){
>   my $invocant = shift;
>   my $class = ref($invocant) || $invocant;
>   my $self = {@_};
>   $self->{gb} = Bio::DB::GenBank->new();
>   bless $self, $class;
>   return $self;
> }
> sub streamQuery(){
> 	my $self = shift;
> 	my $stream_obj = $self->{gb}->get_Stream_by_gi($self->{ids});
>         while (my $seq_obj = $stream_obj->next_seq) {
>         }
> }
> Both subs (new and streamQuery) are called several times with a new
> accessionlist.
> Removing the while loop, will use a bit less memory. But the memory  
> usage is
> still going up.
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