[Bioperl-l] a question

ÑîÃÍ£¨ÖÐÐÄʵÑéÊÒ yangmeng at genomics.org.cn
Fri Sep 7 03:57:14 EDT 2007

I am a student from China.During my learing the bioperl,I encounter a problem as follows:

I run the program,

use Bio::Perl;
$seq_object = get_sequence('swissprot',"ROA1_HUMAN");

But It returns lots of mistake informatiom,

------------- EXCEPTION: Bio::Root::Exception -------------
MSG: WebDBSeqI Request Error:
501 Protocol scheme '' is not supported
Content-Type: text/plain
Client-Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 07:26:06 GMT
Client-Warning: Internal response
501 Protocol scheme '' is not supported
STACK: Error::throw
STACK: Bio::Root::Root::throw D:/perl/site/lib/Bio/Root/Root.pm:359
STACK: Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI::_request D:/perl/site/lib/Bio/DB/WebDBSeqI.pm:685
STACK: Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI::get_seq_stream D:/perl/site/lib/Bio/DB/WebDBSeqI.pm:4
STACK: Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI::get_Stream_by_id D:/perl/site/lib/Bio/DB/WebDBSeqI.pm
STACK: Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI::get_Seq_by_id D:/perl/site/lib/Bio/DB/WebDBSeqI.pm:14
STACK: Bio::Perl::get_sequence D:/perl/site/lib/Bio/Perl.pm:510
STACK: C:\DOCUME~1\yangmeng\LOCALS~1\Temp\dir13D.tmp\Untitled.pl:6

I don't know the reason of the problem.I have installed the addition perl modules such as bioperl-db,bioperl-network,bioperlgui and almost all "BioPerl Dependencies modules".My network is also OK. It's an annoying promleb to me.
I have consulted many experts but didn't got a reply. Could you vacuate in your mass business to give me a help?

Thank you!

Best regards!


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