[Bioperl-l] Can I use BLAST against a database like MySQL

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Thu Apr 17 20:53:16 EDT 2008

Hi Sean,

I got it. Thank you so much!


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> Hi,
>  As far as I know, before using BLAST to do the alignment the first thing should be done is typing formatdb to construct a database. But I was wondering whether it is possible to construct a database with MySQL which probably will grant the BLAST search a higher speed and make the database management much easier?

formatdb is used to make a representation that can be used efficiently
by blast.  That representation already makes blast faster.  MySQL
can't be used for such things.  As for speeding blast, if you have a
multiprocessor machine, you can take advantage of those using blast
and increasing the number of processors.  Also, while blast is a very
versatile program, it is not the only alignment program available.
Depending on your needs, you could look at other programs such as blat
or gmap that can be 2-3 orders of magnitude faster than blast.


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