[Bioperl-l] Trying to install bioPerl-db on Windows XP

Lori G. Wilson lorigardnerwilson at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 10 14:00:07 EST 2008

I believe I have run all the prerequistes and am now attempting:

build test

I have attached a screen shot of the errors I'm getting.  The only error 
seems to be:

Can't locate object method "new" via package "Bio::DB::DBI::Oracle" 
(perhaps you forgot to load "Bio::DB::DBI::oracle"?) at 
...\blib\lib/Bio/DB/SimpleDBContext.pm line 368. 

My SimpleDBContext.pm is attached.  Line 368 is:

    $self->{'dbi'} = $dbimod->new(-dbcontext => $self);

What do you suggest?

Thank you,


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