[Bioperl-l] branching for 1.6

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Tue Dec 16 18:44:32 EST 2008


I'll probably start a branch for the 1.6 release series late Thur- 
Friday, depending on some pending bug fixes.  I'll be following the  
general pattern for a release branch; for those interested:


This is primarily so we can merge changes back and forth between trunk  
and the 1.6 branch as needed.

Once we're ready for an actual release I'll tag any RC's and point  
releases from branch-1.6.  If all goes well I'll tag the RC on  
Monday.  In the meantime, I'll be updating the DEPENDENCIES, INSTALL,  
and other files and work on incorporating any last-minute bug fixes.

As for the actual 1.6 release, it will probably be very early January  
depending on how the RC goes.  I'll be off-grid from Dec. 26-31  
somewhere in Texas (won't have computer access) but I'll check up on  



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