[Bioperl-l] branch-1-6 now in svn

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Sat Dec 20 01:25:56 EST 2008


The 1.6 branch is now in subversion (wanted to get this out earlier  
but we had this icestorm thingy here in the midwest...).

I'll be working on both the branch and main trunk, merging bits over  
to the 1.6 branch as needed over the next couple of days (updated  
docs, etc).  The only branch-specific tasks will be dealing with  
modules which won't be in the final release.  If there are any commits  
that should be included feel free to commit them to trunk and I'll  
merge them over to the branch as needed (this includes any  
documentation, etc.).  Core devs should feel free to make changes as  

My goal is to tag an RC for Monday so we can start a few preliminary  
rounds of tests (it may be early Tuesday due to other commitments I  
have this weekend).  I will be gone between Dec. 26-31, but should be  
back in time to address any testing issues not covered.


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