[Bioperl-l] Need urgent help regarding your perl script

Dave Messina David.Messina at sbc.su.se
Sun Dec 21 14:41:35 EST 2008

Two things:

1) You can't just throw various bits of example code together and expect it
to just work.

You have to test code step by step, whether it's something you wrote or not.

2) You can't just demand that others do your work for you.

There is a ton of example code on the website. Try the HOWTOs section. Look
in the scripts directory that comes with BioPerl.

People on this list are generally quite willing to help, but you have to
have made an effort to learn on your own first, using the abundant resources
that are available to you.

You haven't done that.

I know it's frustrating when you're struggling to understand something new.
When I hit the wall like that, I step away from the computer and do
something else for a while, then come back to it later when I'm ready to
give it another go.


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