[Bioperl-l] Code scrapbook gaining steam (with new "Linebreak Action"!

Mark A. Jensen maj at fortinbras.us
Sun Dec 21 22:31:47 EST 2008

Just want to draw people's attention to the Code Scrapbook
which is emerging now with some nice contributions. I hope experienced folks
will add their short solutions to frequently encountered programming problems,
esp. with a bioperl slant, and newbies will browse it for helpful hints and 
examples of Bioperl style.

Contributors: unless you're either extremely humble (in which case, reread the
three canonical traits) or extremely famous (such that by your code alone you
are recognized), please put your name or handle prominently on your post, so
that you may receive your due glory (or, of course, blame).

Thanks to Marco Blanchette for a question that stimulated this, and Jason for
the suggestion to wikify.

cheers MAJ 

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