[Bioperl-l] Anything up with cvs/svn?

Scott Cain cain.cshl at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 12:24:02 EST 2008


I was trying to get bioperl-live this morning from either cvs or svn and
failed.  I was wondering if something was going on with the server.

Here are the things I tried:

  cvs -d:ext:scain at dev.open-bio.org:/home/repository/bioperl co bioperl-live

which resulted in this:

cvs checkout: warning: cannot write to history file /home/repository/bioperl/CVSROOT/history: Permission denied
cvs checkout: Updating bioperl-live
cvs checkout: failed to create lock directory for `/home/repository/bioperl/bioperl-live' (/home/repository/bioperl/bioperl-live/#cvs.lock): Permission denied
cvs checkout: failed to obtain dir lock in repository `/home/repository/bioperl/bioperl-live'
cvs [checkout aborted]: read lock failed - giving up

Then I thought I'd try the suggested svn checkout method from the
bioperl wiki:

  svn co svn+ssh://scain@dev.open-bio.org/home/hartzell/bioperl/bioperl-live

which resulted in

svn: No repository found in 'svn+ssh://scain@dev.open-bio.org/home/hartzell/bioperl/bioperl-live'

Finally, I after looking at the openbio server, I thought I'd try this:

   svn co svn+ssh://scain@dev.open-bio.org/home/svn-repositories/bioperl/bioperl-live

which resulted in repeated requests for my password (which I supplied
correctly at least once out of the several requests).

So, what's up?

Thanks much,

Scott Cain, Ph. D.                                   cain.cshl at gmail.com
GMOD Coordinator (http://www.gmod.org/)                     216-392-3087
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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