[Bioperl-l] bio::graphics:panel track name

Alper Yilmaz alperyilmaz at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 18:18:55 EDT 2008

I went through the manual but couldn't solve the problem. I'm trying
to have track labels in a graph generated by bio::graphics::panel. I'm
-key=>'CRE'  within add_track.

but the output is not what I wanted. This generates a key legend on
the bottom of the graph instead of putting the track name on left of
the track.

below is a sample track and as I said this does NOT generate a track
with track name "CRE" on left. @features gets the start, end
information via Bio::SeqFeature::Generic
What am I doing wrong here?

$panel->add_track(\@features,	-glyph => 'generic',
                       		-bgcolor => 'yellow',
				-title => sub {
					my $element = shift;
					my $name = $element->display_name;
					return $name;
                               -label=> 1,
				-link => 'cis_info.html?cis_name=$name',

Sorry for bothering you with my questions lately, but I ensure that I
go through the manual and some pain, and then ask the question here.



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