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ocar campos ocar1987 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 28 16:36:09 EDT 2008

        I'm building a script to get information from GenBank according to some Accession Id, I've looked for a method  to retrieve the organism lines from the GenBank, but i haven't found any specific for this. Does anyone know what is the method for this?

For example i got this GenBank File: 

   LOCUS       SLLCP                   1058 bp ss-RNA     linear   VRL 16-AUG-1994
   DEFINITION  Satellite tobacco mosaic virus coat protein RNA, complete cds.
   ACCESSION   M25782
   VERSION     M25782.1  GI:530201
   KEYWORDS    coat protein.
   SOURCE      Tobacco necrosis satellite virus
   ORGANISM  Tobacco necrosis satellite virus
               Viruses; Satellites; Satellite Viruses.
   REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 1058)
   AUTHORS   Mirkov,T.E., Mathews,D.M., Du Plessis,D.H. and Dodds,J.A.
   TITLE     Nucleotide sequence and translation of satellite tobacco mosaic
            virus RNA 
   And I want to get the Organism part in my script.


O'car Campos C.
Estudiante Ingeniería en Bioinformática
Universidad de Talca.

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