[Bioperl-l] Withdraw Bio::Graphics and Bio::DB::SeqFeature from bioperl distribution?

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Tue Nov 11 11:37:12 EST 2008

Chris Fields wrote:
> I'll volunteer to do this.  I think this should be a 1.6 release.  Users 
> have been screaming for a 'stable' release for years now, and everything 
> on trunk is definitely more stable than 1.4,

Well, again, I don't see the value in calling it 1.6. Yes people want a 
stable release, but calling it 1.6 doesn't make it stable. Doing the 
things in the plan for 1.6 makes it stable. What you're proposing is to 
just lie to everyone - "You want 'stable'? Here, have this thing I 
decided to label as 'stable'!" It's very wrong-headed in my view.

Do we really want all those half-tested, half-thought-out APIs that may 
be hanging around to become official and therefore need to support them 
and make their proper replacements backwards compatible come 1.7?

But ultimately it's just semantics so I won't bring it up again. I 
suppose any issues that arise can be solved with a wiki update 
explaining that 'stable' doesn't really mean stable, or that 1.6 wasn't 
a stable release, or that our numbering scheme no longer has any 
particular meaning (it doesn't have to, after all).

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