[Bioperl-l] writing bioperl modules

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Wed Nov 26 08:03:34 EST 2008

On Nov 26, 2008, at 5:30 AM, Tim wrote:
> I'm just curious to know if bioperl is considered complete or are  
> there still projects that programmers can become involved in.

I think everything is open for enhancement. "Patches welcome."  :)

> I notice that for other bio-languages there are on-going hackathons  
> were programmers can meet and work on a problem. Do these exist in  
> bio-perl or is the code base now mature?

"Mature" is probably a good label for most of the code base. I'm not  
aware of any face-to-face hackathon events. Joining us in our quiet  
IRC channel


and discussing your ideas on this mailing list should be pretty  

The 1.6 release push is underway. You could help with that:



Jay Hannah

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