[Bioperl-l] Bioperl 1.6 and Bio::Graphics

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Wed Nov 26 12:29:58 EST 2008

Lincoln, Scott, (and anyone else interested),

One of the items on the list for the next bioperl release is whether  
to split off Bio::Graphics before 1.6 roles out:


My general reasoning is that the Gbrowse devs can start releasing to  
CPAN on their own (bio-graphics specific) schedule and not be tied to  
the core release schedule.  bio-graphics would just be tied in to a  
minimally compatible CPAN bioperl-core release.  The link above  
elaborates more on the idea as well as potential issues (versioning,  

We don't have to do it for this release, but my concern is if it  
doesn't happen prior to 1.6 it will have to wait until 1.7 (date  
unknown), thus further impeding a Gbrowse 2.0.  Therefore I think it's  
worth delaying 1.6 a couple weeks to see how this goes.  Any comments  
over the next week or two would be appreciated (gotta factor in the  
holiday break!).


(I've set the reply-to for the bioperl list, so hopefully we won't get  
double posting to both lists for responses)

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