[Bioperl-l] Editing sub locations

Cristián Serpell cserpell at dim.uchile.cl
Fri Oct 24 10:50:21 EDT 2008


I would like to know if there is a way to edit a sub location from a  
Bio::Location::Split object, through the API.

For example, you can get an array with $subloc = $location- 
 >sub_Location(), and then modify it with $subloc->start($subloc- 
 >start() + 1), but this does not change the original sub location.  
IF you get the array, you get the same original values (the same  

One idea I have got is to create a new Bio::Location::Split object  
and adding the modified sub locations, but then I don't know if you  
can change the Bio::SeqFeature location manually, even when creating  
a new one.

The whole thing I'm doing is a program that "moves" an object, adding  
the same value to start and end values to everything.

Any idea would help


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