[Bioperl-l] help: can't run Bioperl

Jie Zhang jieuiuc at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 13:56:53 EDT 2008

I'm new to BioPerl and just finished installing BioPerl on Windows XP using PPM, strictly followed the instruction. At the end, a message showed 45 packages were installed for Bioperl CORE and  Bioperl. However, when I tested if it is installed properly, I encountered problem. I wrote a two-line script file called bp.pl
#!/bin/perl -w
use Bio::Perl;
The compilation step failed and gave me this message"use not allowed in the expression at bp.pl line 3, syntax error at bp.pl line 3, near"use Bio::Perl"...."
That warning appeared no matter the script is "use Bio::Seq" or other modules. What could be wrong, is that an installation problem? Could you please help me?
Thank you very much


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