[Bioperl-l] Test coverage for BioPerl now available

Mauricio Herrera Cuadra mauricio at open-bio.org
Tue Sep 30 17:56:04 EDT 2008

Hi all,

Daily-updated test coverage reports are now available for those BioPerl 
packages which make use of the Build.PL mechanism (except bioperl-db):


These reports will help us to know the current 'quality' of the code in 
SVN for most of the BioPerl modules. This idea was started by Nathan 
Haigh and Sendu a long time ago and it was my fault to not implement on 
time the necessary script to run the process on a daily basis, so 
apologies for that.

There are still a few things to be done in order to have this working as 
it should:

- Nathan, current Devel::Cover module from CPAN doesn't include the JS 
modifications to make table columns sortable. Do you know what happened 
to the code you contributed to the author for that?

- Reports could be generated for the rest of the BioPerl packages as 
soon as they're migrated to the Build.PL infrastructure. Anyone up for that?

- bioperl-db tests require BioSQL to be setup in the webserver machine, 
and the same goes for bioperl-run's tests with ALL of its dependencies. 
The bioperl.org site is co-hosted with all of the other OBF projects and 
that machine also takes care of other things (mailing lists, etc), so I 
would like your feedback on possible workarounds to not overload the 
server if we want to setup such test reports.

Thanks & regards,

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