[Bioperl-l] Help in basics of Bioperl

Mark A. Jensen maj at fortinbras.us
Wed Apr 8 23:55:12 EDT 2009

Hi Sanjay, 

Judging from your posts to the list this month, I see you have an 
appreciation of the power of Bioperl to help you get all kinds of
analysis jobs done, and that you have a real desire to learn a lot
about it. I want to encourage that attitude. I also want to remind
you that the absolutely best way to really understand anything is
to dive into your project and try to understand the basics *on your
own*. Your posts to this are honestly much too general for this
list. People here are really generous with their time, but they 
don't have enough of it to walk you through every step.

When I have an issue with my Bioperl programming (and 
believe me, I have had and do have many), I do at least three 
things before I consider posting on this list:

* I read the documentation for the module I'm working with.
* I go to the wiki (www.bioperl.org) and look for HOWTOs 
or tutorials. There is a search facility there, and many many 
MANY introductory links. 
* I go to the source code directly, and try to figure out what
it is really doing.

So, it turns out I rarely post questions to the list, because 
I've figured out my dumb mistake, or how to do that new
thing. PLUS, I've become that much closer to true Bioperl

Please go to the page http://www.bioperl.org/wiki/Getting_Started
and *read it*. Please follow the links. You may even find that your work 
has already been done for you.

One hint that works here on the list and elsewhere is:
the more work you can show you have done by yourself, 
the more willing an expert is to help you over the hard parts.
Conversely, the less work you do, the greater the chance
that your questions will go unheard.


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> Dear friend,
> I need help in following problem.I am beginer in bioperl
> i have sequence data.
> i install perl-bioperl on my computer.
> Now i want analyse sequences with blast, tree and multiple sequence
> analysis.
> so kindly guide me from basic.
> sanjay
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