[Bioperl-l] Problems with installing Bioperl-ext-1.5.1 on Bioperl-1.5.1

Charles Embry csembry at ualr.edu
Thu Apr 9 20:54:21 EDT 2009

Hello I am a graduate student at UALR and I am trying to install the ext package(1.5.1) on bioperl 1.5.1.
I get this error when i run the make file.

"[root at bioinformatics bioperl-ext-1.5.1]# perl Makefile.PL
Writing Makefile for Bio::Ext::Align
ERROR from evaluation of /home/stephen/capstone/bioperl-ext-1.5.1/Bio/SeqIO/staden/Makefile.PL: Invalid version '' for Bio::SeqIO::staden::read.
Must be of the form '#.##'. (For instance '1.23')
 at ./Makefile.PL line 4"

This is the first  11 lines of the Makefile.PL for ext package

use Inline::MakeMaker;
use Config;

            'NAME'        => 'Bio::SeqIO::staden::read',
            'VERSION_FROM'    => './read.pm', # finds $VERSION,
            'PREREQ_PM'        => { 'Inline::C' => 0.0,
                         'Bio::SeqIO::abi' => 0.0,
                       }, # e.g., Module::Name => 1.1,
            test                => { TESTS => 'test.pl' },

What does the error mean?

And what version does it refer to? Of what? (staden?)
What version of Staden should this be if i am using the io_lib-1.8.11 , following the INSTALL instructions with bioperl-ext?

Thanks you
C. Stephen Embry

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