[Bioperl-l] bioperl-l Google Groups mirror

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at drycafe.net
Thu Dec 17 09:52:33 EST 2009

On Dec 17, 2009, at 5:50 AM, Peter wrote:

> Does this mean a Google Groups user doesn't have to be subscribed
> to the mailing list to post

Yes. They can post through the Google Groups web interface.

The email address for mirrored groups is the one of the list being  
mirrored though, bioperl-l at bioperl.org in this case, and so in order  
to post by email you still have to be subscribed at the bioperl-l  
list. At least that's what the docs at Google say.

I haven't tried yet posting to the group at the bioperl-l at  
googlegroups dot com email under an email address that isn't  
subscribed to bioperl-l at bioperl dot org. Maybe it actually would  
work, contrary to docs.

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