[Bioperl-l] Working on final release of bioperl-run, db, network

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Wed Feb 18 10:02:51 EST 2009


I will be working on the final (non-alpha 1.6.0) release of BioPerl- 
run, db, and network this week with a final release scheduled for  
Monday.  These will require a minimum core installation of v1.6.0 (or  
1.006000, non-vstring long-form).  If anything needs updating in the  
various packages now would be the time to get them committed so I can  
migrate changes over to the various branches and get them packaged up.

So far CPAN testers has been showing passing/unknown with the  
exception of Bio::Tools::Run::Vista tests.  I recently fixed these  
locally for me but they appear to be failing on various linux systems  
(I'm hoping there isn't another Vista.jar in CLASSPATH causing  


As always let me know of any test issues.  Cheers!


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