[Bioperl-l] Unable to install bioperl

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 22 11:20:59 EST 2009

You should grab the latest alpha release here (now 1.5.9_4):


If you wait a few days you can grab the 1.6 stable release.

Installation (various platforms):


The PPM for Windows is present in the BioPerl Release Candidates PPM  
repo.  However there are several dependencies that are missing for  
perl 5.10 (I have no clue about 5.8, sorry), so for the moment PPM  
installation for perl 5.10 via Windows will not work.  There are other  
alternatives, though, if you read the installation instructions  
carefully, and I think ActivePerl also allows CPAN installation, so  
you could try that.


On Jan 22, 2009, at 12:21 AM, arunprasanna at iitb.ac.in wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> I wanted to run syntenyAnalyzer (www.synteny.net) which requires  
> bioperl.
> As per the instructions i installed activeperl. When i give rep add or
> search in ppm shell, it says "Failed 500 can't connect: timeout". I
> directly, went to bioperl.org and downloaded the bioperl-1.5.9._1  
> also.
> But, how do i install or ensure that it is installed?
> Please help ASAP.
> Thanks,
> N.Arun Prasanna
> Research Scholar
> Dept. of ChE,
> IIT Bombay
> Ph: +91-9920361080
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