[Bioperl-l] announcing bioperl-max, a public AMI

Mark A. Jensen maj at fortinbras.us
Wed Jun 10 00:10:12 EDT 2009

Hi All, 

I've built a public Amazon machine image, loaded with many many 
goodies, including the most recent (r15747) trunks of 
- bioperl-live
- bioperl-run
- bioperl-db/biosql
The base machine is a public clean install of Ubuntu 8.03 Hardy/32-bit
by Alestic. Many fave tools, including blast, hmmer, hyphy, phyml, 
emboss, and more are all there (and most even pass bioperl-run tests), and 
perl is loaded with Moose, XML::LibXML, XML::Compile, Bio::Phylo
(r1071) and others. This is *not* a lean mean fighting machine. 

Please give it a try if you're so inclined. Fuller details (including 
image id and ssh-rsa signature) are at http://fortinbras.us/bioperl-max.

Ping me if it doesn't work.


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