[Bioperl-l] experimental IO module for exporting OWL from GFF

Chris Mungall cjm at berkeleybop.org
Thu Jun 25 20:32:05 EDT 2009

I've written a module Bio::FeatureIO::seqont_owl, which generates  
Sequence Ontology compliant RDF/OWL. This will allow for example  
loading of GFF into triplestores and inference using OWL reasoners.

- It's experimental, fairly incomplete, and subject to change
- Relies on an experimental extension of SO
- Probably of interest to a minority of bp users
- It's not yet fully documented (but there will be a paper)
- It doesn't introduce any additional dependencies (all done via  
XML::Writer, which is already a dependency)
- Doesn't otherwise impinge on existing code

I'd like to get this under source control. Is the appropriate place  
for this:

- a branch
- bioperl-dev
- a separate repository



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