[Bioperl-l] PopGen

Richard Harrison richard.harrison at edinburgh.ac.uk
Mon Jun 29 18:43:54 EDT 2009

Dear all,

I am having trouble with the PopGen modules and I was wondering if  
anyone had any ideas.

I am working with polymorphism data. I am trying to identify the  
derived vs ancestral allele between two species. I have been modifying  
the modules a bit to include different site models etc.  Here is where  
I fall over:

Within aln_to_population I can create a modified Genotype object to  
include details of the ancestral allele (see at end of this post).

However,  the problem that I have hit upon is that aln_to_population  
returns a population object, filled with IndividualI objects.  In  
other words, it takes my array of GenotypeI objects and converts them  
into IndividualI objects, wrapped in a single Population object.  This  
means that the information in the GenotypeI object about the ancestral/ 
derived states is lost. How can I overcome this?


###excerpt from aln_to_population

					   (-marker_name  => $nm,
					    -individual_id=> $inds[$i]->unique_id,
					    -alleles      => [$genotypes[$i]],
					    -outgroup      => $outgroup[0]));

###excerpt from Genotypes.pm

sub new {
   my($class, at args) = @_;

   my $self = $class->SUPER::new(@args);
   my ($name,$desc,$type,$uid,$af,$og) = $self->_rearrange([qw(NAME
							  OUTGROUP)], at args);
   $self->{'_allele_freqs'} = {};
   $self->{'_outgroup_name'} = {};

   if( ! defined $uid ) {
       $uid = $UniqueCounter++;
   if( defined $name) {
   } else {
       $self->throw("Must provide a name when initializing a Marker");
   defined $desc && $self->description($desc);
   defined $type && $self->type($type);



   return $self;

=head2 og
  Title   : name
  Usage   : my $name = $marker->og();
  Function: Get the name of the outgroup
  Returns : string representing the name of the marker
  Args    : [optional] name


sub outgroup_name{
     my $self = shift;

     return $self->{'_outgroup_name'} = shift if @_;
     return $self->{'_outgroup_name'};

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