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Tue Mar 3 02:11:24 EST 2009

Hi Bruno,

I had a quick look at your code. You have used Moose which would be a
new dependency to BioPerl. I am not too sure what to with it. The
problem is that since you are not inheriting from Bio::Root::RootI,
none of the standard BioPerl methods work.

Maybe it is time to start adding code to the trunk that replicates
Bio::Root::* functionality using Moose which will then lead the way to

Most probably we will be needing the full functionality of Moose,
don't you think? Meaning that his cuter and faster friends Mouse and
Squirrel are not enough? :)


2009/3/2 Bruno Vecchi <vecchi.b at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I've been using BioPerl for a couple of years now, so first of all,
> thanks to all the devs that made it possible.
> Although I have only used a fraction of it, I think I am now acquainted
> with it enough to be useful in some way. I offer then to help with any
> issue that needs taken care of.
> I have written a wrapper for the Qcons <http://tsailab.tamu.edu/Qcons/> (
> http://tsailab.tamu.edu/Qcons/)
> application (calculates protein-protein contacts), you can look at the
> code at my github repository <http://github.com/brunoV/qcons/tree/master> (
> http://github.com/brunoV/qcons/tree/master).
> Don't know if it will be useful or not (or any of the other modules that
> I've
> written for my personal use, feel free to look).
> If there is anything else that you feel that I would be able to do, I'd
> be happy to. My current field is more involved with wet-lab work
> (antibody engineering), but I like programming a lot and I think this
> will be a great chance to keep learning while still contributing.
> Cheers,
>   Bruno.
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