[Bioperl-l] Offering to help

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Tue Mar 3 12:43:12 EST 2009

On Mar 3, 2009, at 11:30 AM, Bruno Vecchi wrote:

> That's quite a dangerous proposition you're making there. Does that
> mean I get a free ride to request any possible program or bugfix and
> so on? I'll have to think about this some more.
> If I can wrap my head around the subject, then yes, why not? I am  
> willing to help.
> 2009/3/3 Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
> For a Moose-based bioperl implementation I suggest a separate repo  
> completely.  We're using svn currently on dev.open-bio.org, though I  
> and a few others are also using git.  I'm neutral on the matter but  
> it's possible the consensus may be to keep everything in the open- 
> bio svn repo (not everyone has git or uses it).
> If it's ok with you, I'd like to help porting modules to Moose. As  
> for VCS, my vote (FWIW) goes to git and github, there's been a lot  
> of migration in that direction lately (perl5, rakudo).

I agree, but remember not all the bioperl devs have git nor know the  
idiosyncrasies git has vs svn.  I'm still wrapping my brain around it  

Also, Rakudo had some initial headaches dealing with being on git and  
syncing with ongoing parrot development, recently migrated over to the  
parrot svn server.  That's primarily b/c getting rakudo implemented  
drove much of the current run of parrot development, though I think  
the situation is somewhat rectified (I think pmichaud indicated rakudo  
targets specific parrot versions now).

BTW, I managed to donate some code to Rakudo (the .trans  
implementation, which is pretty hacky, and a few bug fixes).  I'll be  
posting an update to that one soon now that the Setting is being  
worked on and Grammars are somewhat easier to work with.


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