[Bioperl-l] Google Summer of Code: Call for Bio* Volunteers

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at gmx.net
Mon Mar 9 23:34:07 EDT 2009

You may recall my message to the developer lists of several O|B|F  
projects in February about the idea of O|B|F applying to Google Summer  
of Code as a mentoring organization [1].

I felt that the response to this was very positive and encouraging.  
Although late (sorry, been swamped too much), I've now put up the  
skeleton of an ideas page at


I basically modeled (in fact, largely copied) this page after the  
NESCent Phyloinformatics Summer of Code ideas pages, which I think  
worked pretty well. We can completely rework this, though - any  
feedback and suggestions are very much welcome.

In the meantime, I need all developers to double check the information  
under 'Contact'. Would the open-bio-l mailing list indeed reach the  
prospective mentors and other devs? Will be you be fine with students  
asking for feedback to their applications on the developers (i.e.,  
this) list? Is the IRC channel (#bioperl) where at least some of the  
prospective mentors hang out there for students to ask questions  
during the time they apply?

I also need space for the reference information for all projects that  
will participate with at least one project idea (I would hope that  
that's all projects) to be added in the 'Open-Bio projects involved'  

Most important of all, if you can volunteer to mentor a project,  
please post a project idea to the page in the respective section,  
using the idea template that's there already (copy, paste, and edit).

The deadline for organization applications is Friday this week, Mar  
13, which is very soon. The ideas page is a major factor and component  
in how Google scores new mentoring organizations - the more we can  
show the resourcefulness and diversity of our member projects the more  
competitive I think we'll be. So all those who responded with ideas or  
willingness to help out as primary or secondary mentores earlier, I  
need you to think about and put up your idea(s) now.



[1] http://tinyurl.com/ck7tqe

: Hilmar Lapp  -:-  Durham, NC  -:-  hlapp at gmx dot net :

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