[Bioperl-l] Fwd: [Gmod-ajax] Jbrowse on mac os 10.5

Isabelle Phan isabelle.phan at sbri.org
Wed Mar 18 12:35:15 EDT 2009

Hello Chris

> The following, from the INSTALL file, alludes to the use of 
> 'sudo' but  
> could be made clearer:

Perhaps I've missed something, but we seem to be writing at cross purposes:

I am running the build with 'sudo' and I have admin privileges on my machine. I am not installing any modules that the bioperl Build flags as optional.

My question was:

Do I have to issue the Build command? I understand from the INSTALL that I have to. Your previous message seems to imply I do NOT have to. 

It would help me immensely to get a clear answer: after I unpack the Bioperl tarball, do I have to run the Build, Yes or No?

Many thanks for your patience,


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