[Bioperl-l] Google Summer of Code student Chase Miller

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Sun May 17 18:40:24 EDT 2009

On May 15, 2009, at 12:07 PM, Albert Vilella wrote:

> Heh, I understand what you say. I am in a similar position from the  
> point that I would prefer to switch to a more modern bioperl but the  
> ensembl comparative genomics code -- ensembl-compara -- relies on  
> the ensembl-core code, which relies on bioperl 1.2.3. We could all  
> switch to bioperl 1.6 but I cannot switch the ensembl-compara code  
> if code doesn't switch as well. I haven't been very successful in  
> raising this issue so far, but I can try again :-p
> One of the things that has changed a lot is swissprot support  
> (swiss.pm). Another object that I am using a lot is SimpleAlign.pm,  
> which in the modern version has a lot more methods.

I understand that the reasoning for requiring 1.2.3 has something to  
do with Bio::Annotation being too heavyweight.  If that is the only  
impediment I think we can work something out.


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