[Bioperl-l] Warning while running bioperl StandAloneBlast.

Kevin Brown Kevin.M.Brown at asu.edu
Tue May 19 11:50:15 EDT 2009

> Hi Praveen,
>                  Your script is bit confusing, i don't 
> understand what you
> actually trying to do.
> But what i see is that you are parsing blast report without 
> using SearchIO
> module.
> You have to include Bio::SearchIO in your script.
> Hope this helps.

Actually, he doesn't as it is included from the factory that is running
blast and returning the report.

> > Hi,
> >
> > I am getting some warning along with results which says --> 
> > Warning: Failed to initialize search. ISAM Error code is -5"
> > Can someone please let me know what this is all about.

This sounds like you are running into a database error, not a perl
script error. Something might be wrong with your blast database. Yep,
quick google search verifies that ISAM errors are a database problem.

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