[Bioperl-l] Moose and Roles

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Tue May 26 14:50:58 EDT 2009


(If you aren't interested in Moose, feel free to ignore)

I'm toying a bit with Moose to get some basic BioPerl-like classes  
rolling.  One thing that's popping up early is refactoring interfaces  
(Bio::IdentifiableI, Bio::DescribableI) into simple Roles.  Since  
roles are geared towards particular actions a class performs (a class  
'Foo' does role 'Bar'), how do we want to name these to not confuse  
them with regular classes?  Interface convention for BioPerl was  
affixing the class name with 'I'; we could affix these with  
'R'/'Role'.  Or should we have a specific Bio::Role namespace?

Suggestions welcome!


PS: Here's the basic syntax in Moose-ish (very simple):

# role
package Bio::DescribableR;

use Bio::Root::Role;

has description => (
     is     => 'rw',
     isa    => 'Str'

no Bio::Root::Role;

package Foo;

use Bio::Root::Moose;

with 'Bio::DescribableR';

# description gets mixed-in, not inherited

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