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Thu Oct 15 07:39:14 EDT 2009

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Subject: Announcing AB-BLAST 3.0 Availability

Dear Colleague,

This message has been sent to you because of a previous inquiry you made about the discontinued WU-BLAST software or its successor AB-BLAST (Advanced Biocomputing BLAST).

AB-BLAST is now generally available for academic/nonprofit and commercial licensing. In addition, a new licensing option is available: AB-BLAST may be readily licensed on-line at no cost to individuals for their personal use on personally owned computer hardware. (Some restrictions and limitations of support apply).

AB-BLAST represents the future direction of WU-BLAST. For more information about the software, please see http://blast.advbiocomp.com/doc/README.html

For further information about licensing of AB-BLAST, please visit http://blast.advbiocomp.com/licensing. To go directly to the personal use licensing page, see http://blast.advbiocomp.com/licensing/personal.html

Inquiries about academic/nonprofit or commercial licensing should be addressed to licensing at advbiocomp.com and will be responded to as soon as possible. Please note that academic/nonprofit licensing of AB-BLAST is now necessarily fee based, in order to defray the costs of development, maintenance and support.

Thank you for your past support of WU-BLAST and your future support of AB-BLAST!


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