[Bioperl-l] Major BioPerl reorganization

Johnathon Anderson joanderson at ucdavis.edu
Fri Apr 2 20:22:34 EDT 2010

Hello Bio-PERL,

I am a genetics undergraduate senior at UC Davis that has been working in a
biomedical lab for 1.5 yr.  I am very much interested in your program,
however, I'm concerned that my skill level might be sub-par for the
project.  I do not have much programming experience.  I have taken two
bioinformatic courses (one of which had used various alignment programs
PHRED, PHRAP, etc) and I am currently taking my first full blown PERL course
(done with by summer) with Dr. Ian Korf which deals with manipulating data
received from a Solexa Sequencer.  I am game for the task, but i don't want
to be a hindrance to the group.  Any feedback you could provide would be
most appreciated.  Thank you.

Johnathon David Anderson

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