[Bioperl-l] Bio-Perl workload for benchmarking Perl

Steffen Schwigon ss5 at renormalist.net
Tue Apr 13 09:07:43 EDT 2010

Hi all!

I want to refresh my asking for some BioPerl code that I can use in a
Perl benchmark suite.

I think BioPerl is an interesting application of Perl and should be
covered by a benchmark suite that tries to execute *real world*

If someone could prepare code snippets and data files that utilize
BioPerl and preferrably run for several minutes or even hours I would
happpily integrate them.

The short term goal is to create a comprehensive benchmark suite at
all, because Perl lacks one.

The benefit to BioPerl people is the ability to tweak or compare
between machines, optimizations and Perl version, measure performance
regressions, etc.; on the upcoming GSoC BioPerl projects it might even
be a reference to compare after refactoring.

I for myself are not able to write meaningful BioPerl code 
and therefore ask around in communities that might provide 
use-cases. BioPerl is one. IMHO.


Kind regards,
Steffen Schwigon <ss5 at renormalist.net>
Dresden Perl Mongers <http://dresden-pm.org/>

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