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Thanks Dimitar-- I'm having a look at the code; will see if I can patch it in.
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> Hi guys,
> i am sorry for the repeating but i was told to post it on the list. So
> below is
> what was my problem and how i solved it for me:
> I wrote about that the 'q' option in the module
> 'Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::StandAloneFasta' is not functioning. I
> found out important thing. When 'ssearch' is used from terminal with -O
> (for the output) then there is always output and on the terminal. The only
> way to avoid that is to use '>' to direct to output to a file. So i went
> back to the module and modified it a bit :) Now i can give to the module
> the 'O' option as usual with my output file plus the 'q' option and i
> dont get output on the terminal.
> I just modified the '_setparams' and 'run' functions a bit. I attach
> the modified module file where i commented the original lines with
> 'original' (very original :) ) and the others with 'dimitar'. There is
> the '$dim_out' = dimitar output :) to be clear and not to clash with
> something else.
> May be there are some other users who dont want to see much output :)
> Cheers
> Dimitar
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