[Bioperl-l] After Checkout of Bioperl-live version doesn't seem to change

Lacey Sanderson laceyanne_sanderson at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 3 10:32:56 EST 2010


I just checked out bioperl-live from svn as follows
$ sudo svn co svn://code.open-bio.org/bioperl/bioperl-live/trunk  
$ echo 'export PERL5LIB="/usr/local/share/applications/Bioperl/bioperl- 
live:$PERL5LIB"  #adds path of bioperl-live to PERL5LIB' >> ~/.profile

I then restarted by shell and checked the version using
$ perl -MBio::Perl -le 'print Bio::Perl->VERSION;'

Which returned 1.006... I am sure this is the version of bioperl I had  
previously installed and not the new one I just checked out. Is there  
something else I need to do to tell my system to disregard the old  
bioperl and instead use bioperl-live?

I had installed BioPerl earlier using the GMOD GBrowse netinstaller  
although I can't seem to locate where it was installed. Will this  
effect anything? If so, how would I go about uninstalling it (I'm a  
little new to Linux)...

By the way I am running Ubuntu Intrepid


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