[Bioperl-l] Bio::seqFeature functions coresponding to specific gBrowse variables

Fungazid fungazid at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 6 18:36:57 EST 2010

Hello everybody,

thanks for you help, here is another small question, and I would be grateful for your help: 

In the gBrowse .conf file of gBrowse I have the following lines

balloon hover = =<h2>Gene</h2>
balloon click = 
<a href='http://localhost/cgi-bin/gbrowse_details/gBrowseTest4?name=$name;class=Sequence;ref=$ref;start=$start;end=$end;feature_id=$id'>gene regions</a><br>

As you can see above, gBrowse recognizes the properties $name,$ref, $start, $end, $id

Now, lets say I wrote this:
balloon click = sub {											my $feature = shift;
$name = $feature->?????();
$ref = $feature->?????();

what are the seqFeature parallel functions/variables ?



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