[Bioperl-l] Bio::Assembly::IO::bowtie circular dependency?

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 9 18:07:17 EST 2010


If I've learned anything from the 1.6 release series, I would rather it not be bound to the bioperl core release cycle, particularly if we are progressing towards splitting up bioperl anyway.  In that light it makes more sense (at least to me) to move this into either a focused set of modules for next-gen analysis, or as focused packages based on the specific functionality (e.g. all BowTie modules bundled together, all bioperl-related Samtools bundled together, etc).  

Bascially, we would set up both you and Dan as co-maintainers, and push all related code under the BIOPERLML CPAN mantle as primary maintainer.  This way any of the co-maintainers can step in and push out new releases if needed.  


On Feb 9, 2010, at 3:21 PM, Mark A. Jensen wrote:

> Yeah, this is getting kinda hairy-- B:T:R:Samtools is
> a basic wrapper for anything that wants to use
> Bio::DB::Samtools ( lstein's samtools library wrapper,
> a CPAN and not a BioPerl module. Savvy?). Because
> its likely that other parser-like modules will want to
> use samtools ( as well as wrapper-like modules), I
> would vote for moving Samtools and Samtools::Config
> into the bioperl-live version of Bio::Tools::Run.
> (A question for another day is, should we/can we
> coalesce the two instances of Bio::Tools:Run,
> and where?)
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>> Bio::Assembly::IO::bowtie uses Bio::Tools::Run::Samtools, which is part of bioperl-run.  Doesn't that introduce a circular dependency between bioperl-live and bioperl-run?
>> Perhaps it should be split out into its own CPAN distribution that depends on both bioperl-run and bioperl-live?  Or maybe some way can be found for it to not use Bio::Tools::Run::Samtools?
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