[Bioperl-l] Current Genbank sequence version from the previous version GI number?

Bhakti Dwivedi bhakti.dwivedi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 11:22:32 EST 2010

I have a file with a list of gi numbers.  I have to obtain the genbank files
for each of these.  For some of the gi's, the sequence has been updated on
ncbi and therefore has the new version with a different gi number.

For example, sequence with 'GI: 126070' has been updated and is now
'GI: 1170742'.
The particular genbank file for the old and the new version is quite
different and has more updated information.  When I retrieve the genbank
file with Bio::DB::Genbank, I am getting the older version.  Is there a way
I can retrieve the updated versions directly from the old gi numbers in



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