[Bioperl-l] Recommendations for BioPerl-related packages to include in Strawberry Perl Professional

Adam Kennedy adam at ali.as
Sat Feb 13 21:22:07 EST 2010

Greetings BioPerl'ers

The Strawberry Perl team is beginning to put together our new (and
still free) Strawberry Professional distribution.

Unlike the core product (which has a mandate to be like the Unix Perl,
and provide the means to install as much of CPAN as possible) the new
distribution has the goal of pre-installing as many useful, important,
or essential modules in advance as possible. The aim is to get users
up and running with simple common tasks quickly, delaying the need to
navigate the CPAN and the module installation process until after they
are convinced they can create useful programs.

As part of this, we plan to include BioPerl and a Perl IDE in the
default installation, so that BioPeople on Windows can just install a
single program and then be up and running fast. At the moment,
Strawberry supports the installation of the BioPerl package with the
default options (a number of options that add more pieces still fail
at the present time).

My question to this list is, what are the packages that are not in the
default option install of BioPerl that you feel are the most
important, and the most often needed.

And are there any complementary packages you would like us to include
to make life easier for newbie Windows BioPeople?

Best Regards

Adam K

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