[Bioperl-l] not able to use Bio::Root::IO method

Dan Kortschak dan.kortschak at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Jan 14 02:59:20 EST 2010

Thanks Chris,

I've done that, and since the inheritance is direct (rather than being a
constructed attribute in the object hash) the calls are $obj->temp*
rather than the $obj->io->temp* that I was using.

It works now and is much clearer having gotten rid of much of the


On Thu, 2010-01-14 at 01:23 -0600, Chris Fields wrote:
> You can remove separate 'use' directives if they are declared with
> 'use base' (they will be imported then).  Also, Bio::Root::IO inherits
> Bio::Root::Root, and Bio::Assembly::IO should inherit from
> Bio::Root::IO, so the only base module you should need is
> Bio::Assembly::IO.  It's possible having all three is confusing the
> interpreter.
> chris

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