[Bioperl-l] Installing Bioperl on Ubuntu and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (perl 5.10.0)

George Iatropoulos iatropoul at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 00:21:09 EDT 2010

Hi guys!

I'd like to thank you for this important project. I currently develop
a script that uses the SeqIO module to read fasta  or files with other
bio-formats. However your installation instructions are too difficult
to be followed, or even outdated, especially for the mac platform.

After trying a week I really can't install bioperl on a Snow Leopard
machine (perl 5.10.0) and I tried the CPAN and the fink method. None
of them works! Especially cpan seems to mess up with itself and now
doesn't install anything!

As for the ubuntu platform a simple command like: "sudo apt-get
install bioperl" simply does the trick!
However I couldn't find this simple command in your installation
guidelines, and I don't really understand why I should set up a
server, before installing bioperl and then follow this complicated
series of instructions, to achieve something that is so simple!

I understand that you try to give complete instructions for people who
may be pleased with more advanced stuff, but please don't forget
biology students who don't have a deep computational background. These
guys like me would appreciate some simple stuff to get their job and
their projects done, without needing to waste days to figure out
complicated-guru stuff.

Best wishes and many thanks to all of you because bioperl is really
important for us!

Georgios Iatropoulos

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