[Bioperl-l] BlastPlusMethods

Dimitar Kenanov dimitark at bii.a-star.edu.sg
Wed Jun 2 23:15:36 EDT 2010

Hi guys,
i found that the module BlastMethods for StandAloneBlastPlus doesnt 
recognize the psiblast(and most probably rps and rpst) result and 
therefore doesnt parse it. The problem was in the 'run' method where the 
match doesnt match properly:
m/^[t]?blast[npx]/ && do {

So i modified it pretty ugly into the following but now it works for me:
m/^(t|psi|rps|rpst)?blast[npx]?/ && do {
I dont know if it may be more beautiful but i suppose it could :)


Dimitar Kenanov
Postdoctoral research fellow
Protein Sequence Analysis Group
Bioinformatics Institute
A*STAR, Singapore
tel: +65 6478 8514

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