[Bioperl-l] a possible issue in synopsis of BioPerl-1.6.1 > Bio::Restriction::Analysis

А russkieknigi at mail.ru
Thu Jun 10 19:45:11 EDT 2010


An attempt to run synopsis code as is results in the following runtime error:

Can't locate object method "unique_cutters" via package "Bio::Restriction::EnzymeCollection" at testrflp.pl line 21, <DATA> line 532.

Replacing this:
  my $enzymes = $ra->unique_cutters;
  print "Unique cutters: ", join (', ', 
      map {$_->name} $enzymes->unique_cutters), "\n";

with the following code:
  my $enzymes=$ra->unique_cutters;
  print "Unique cutters: ", join (', ', 
      map {$_->name} $enzymes->each_enzyme()), "\n";   #<<<<<<<<<<<< this line changed

results in an error message-free execution and the output appears reasonable


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