[Bioperl-l] Install problem, Mac

Adam Witney awitney at sgul.ac.uk
Sat Jun 19 09:38:12 EDT 2010

On 18 Jun 2010, at 12:22, perlcurl wrote:

>> Where did you put the files once you downloaded them? Did you run an
> install? Bio/Perl.pm needs to be >located in that "long directory list" for
> Perl to find it.
> The files would initially go to my user directory or my downloads (I can't
> remember which install version did which). When this didn't work I tried
> moving them to my perl folder, and to applications.
> There was an install text file.
> I could try using the directory list in require module? 
>> Also you could try just using the standard Unix methods (CPAN or Build.pl)
> of install, see here for details:
> Have tried both. :-( It *seemed* to be Build that had the most trouble...

ah so you haven't managed to build Bioperl successfully yet? can you give more details of what you have tried and what exactly failed


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