[Bioperl-l] bootstrap values in cladogram

Alexander Donath alex at bioinf.uni-leipzig.de
Tue Mar 9 13:00:01 EST 2010


using Bioperl 1.6.1, I'm reading a newick tree with branch lengths and 
bootstrap values and try to plot the tree as cladogram. But somehow I 
cannot print the bootstrap values.

Short example:


<code snippet>
use Bio::TreeIO;
use Bio::Tree::Draw::Cladogram;
my $trees = Bio::TreeIO->new( -file => "test.nwk",
    	    		      -format => 'newick');
my $tree = $trees->next_tree();
my $out = Bio::Tree::Draw::Cladogram->new( -bootstrap => 1,
    	  				   -tree => $tree,
 					   -compact => 0);

$out->print(-file => "test.eps");
</code snippet>

I already tried it by copying the bootstrap values into the ids of the
internal nodes - nothing. Any suggestions?


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