[Bioperl-l] What's to depend on for BioPerl-run version check

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Tue Mar 16 19:35:13 EDT 2010

Apologies if this is as silly of a question as it seems, I think that
I must just be decaffeinated this morning....

I'm cleaning up some modules and would like to express a dependency on
BioPerl-run version 1.6.1.

For the main bioperl I use Bio::Root::Version and 1.006001.  That
works, although the course of investigating below I found that
Bio::Root::RootI (which uses BR::Version) doesn't.

A couple of the modules in -run (e.g. Bio::Tools::Run::PiseWorkflow)
use Bio::Root::Version and thereby acquire a reasonable version number

  a) it's funny to list Bio::Tools::Run::PiseWorkflow as a dependency
     when I want bioperl-run
  c) it's funny that PiseWorkflow uses Bio::Root::Version (which
     imports a $VERSION into it's package) then goes on to set one
  b) there's something hinky going on, when I do 'perl Build.PL' on my
     Task it doesn't think that PiseWorkflow is up to date (it thinks
     I have version (0) if I understand correctly), but when I
     './Build installdeps' everything appears up to date.

     It looks like the trickiness of assigning
     $Bio::Root::Version::VERSION to $VERSION confuses
     Module::Build::ModuleInfo::_evaluate_version_line and the result
     is that VERSION appears to be 0.

What's The Right Thing to do?



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