[Bioperl-l] Bio::DB::RefSeq and iPrism Web Filter

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Thu Mar 18 12:27:20 EDT 2010


I'm having a problem involving my company's StBernard iPrism Web Filter.  I would like to be able to run my scripts (include Bio::DB::RefSeq, Bio::DB::GenBank) via crontab, however the web filter requires me to log in every 8 hours.  The administrator removed the filter however, my scripts still failed.  I then logged into iPrism and the scripts worked.  

The system administrators say its the script; that it is somehow caching information and preventing itself from accessing the internet.  I'm using the following modules: strict, DBI, Bio::Perl, Bio::SeqIO, Getopt::Long and Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast.  

I would include the script, but it's a bit involved and passes arguments to other scripts.  

Thank you,


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