[Bioperl-l] G.U.I for bioperl on XP and possibly Vista

Charles Embry csembry at ualr.edu
Mon Mar 22 15:48:56 EDT 2010

I want to create a Gui that will use current bioperl modules(along with some
I am writing). It will be on a windows machine that runs XP and maybe a
laptop with Vista.(this is a project i am working on in Graduate school for
a professor). It will be id'ing promoter types in eukaryote organisms and
also do multiple alignments.

What recommendations do yo suggest to use t develop this? A java
application? If so how hard is it to get Java to use perl and bioperl
modules? Another language? Is there a tool to directly develop a GUI for
bioperl modules that does no use another language?

I will need to tag certain sequences with user specified colors and such.

Thanks for the help

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